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Dmytro Bielopolskyi

Designer, Art Director, Professor

Kiev, Ukraine

"Thanks to this introductory course I've received the basic understanding of the Symbiotic Design Framework. Though this is totally new concept for me, I feel great sympathy and emotional connection to it. In my previous career I preferred to involve in sustainable projects and in all of them I seemed to move more intuitively.


Now I have a greater chance to try more systemic and mindful process of SDF in my next project. It was a pleasure to meet Gonzalo Raineri as an instructor and mentor.


Thank you."


Rebeca Isadora
Lozano Castro

Ph.D. in Design
Professor & Researcher
Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas.

Tampico, Tamaulipas. México.

“The course encourages critical reflection on design, "from and for design with the context", with society, with traditions and customs, with economics, with politics, without limitations...”


Lefteris Heretakis

Designer, Art Director, Professor

Buckinghamshire, UK

"This is an excellent course! There is truly fresh and much needed original content and substance! A breath of fresh air!


Highly recommended!!!"


Jorge Prado

Principal Architect at TODO DA

New York, USA

"Dr. Raineri has presented a thoughtful, accessible and thought provoking discussion on approaching sustainable design. I recommend the course to all interested in navigating our complex sustainable design environment. Well done."


Brendan Kilroy

Owner, Erector Sets, inc.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

"I was really impressed by the comprehensive approach that the Symbiotic Design Academy is teaching. Although the amount of information is immense, it is presented in a very clear format with a succinct framework to follow."


Valeria Valdivia

HR Officer at Concern Worldwide | MA HR Management | BHRM | Assoc CIPD qualified

Dublin, Ireland

"Enriching learning experience! The course, though challenging, provided valuable insights into design thinking. The interactive elements kept me engaged. Overall, it is a rewarding journey for those seeking a deeper understanding of design principles."

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