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Scholarship Program

The Symbiotic Design Academy, being a private entity lacks unlimited funding and resources. We need to charge for the investment in time and resources our team goes into. We also understand the urgency of the times we are living, the characteristics of the services we provide and the unique necessities of our community. And that is why we have decided to install a scholarships program.

What does the Scholarships cover?


We are only granting scholarships on our Tracks and Workshops. This way we ensure that what you are receiving, will have an expansive impact on your environment and that you will disseminate the framework. If we are giving to you, we expect the same from you.

Based on the criteria explained in this page, scholarships could be rejected, you could be granted a 50% scholarship discount of the tuition fee, or a full 100% scholarship.



We have defined flexible selection criteria based on the individual characteristics of each applicant. So don’t expect us to present you with a clearly defined scale of items to fill in, in order to be eligible. Basically we are going to grant the scholarships based in two criteria: the place of origin and the trajectory of each individual.

We know that the conditions are not equal and that there are places where the value of a course or a track can correspond to a month average salary or even that of several months, making it impossible for anyone who wishes to take a course to access it. We also know that another person who lives in a developed country can easily access a basic part-time job and that in a very short time they could save enough to pay for one of our more expensive tracks. By doing so they will be subsidizing courses for those who can’t afford to pay.

The second criteria has to do with the trajectory of each individual. We are looking for people who have a real commitment for design, true sustainability and social equality. So, if you are engaged into a lifetime commitment to make the world a better place, you could be granted one of our scholarships. Even if you come from a developed country but have a full-time compromise with changing the model could grant you a scholarship. Coming from an undeveloped country, but having no trajectory at all, won’t enable you to be considered perse.

What do we expect in exchange?


We expect that you finish what you begin. Since our courses are going to be dripped during a period of time, we expect that you stay active by taking the courses and being present in the community section of the academy. In other words, you must be proactive. If we see you don’t take the activities seriously, we could terminate the scholarship at any time. Before doing so we will contact you and ask for the reasons of your inactivity. The space you are using is precious and if we are not convinced with your explanation, your space will be handed to someone else. If you have received a 50% discount there will be no refund for the payments already done. By granting you with a 50% discount we are able to give someone else a scholarship as well. As you can see, we are taking your education and others very seriously and we expect the same from you.

We will ask you to give us private feedback at any time on your progress of the courses, so we can make them better.

We will ask you to create some texts, photography, audios or videos of you, or the later activities where you have used the framework. We will be posting them together with the proper credits, inside our web site or in any other platforms or media to advertise our courses. There will be no restrictions and without the possibility of requiring remuneration for it. We will not change the content of your feedback, but could edit it, to fit the different media where it is going to be used.

We help you; you help us.

How to apply?


We have tried to make it as simple as possible. Please send us a e-mail to and gives us the following information:

  • Name

  • Full contact details.

  • LinkedIn profile (Mandatory. If you don’t have one, create one before applying. It’s free to do so).

  • Website with your work or experiences.

  • Why you need a Scholarship?

  • Define which Track or Workshop you are applying to and tell us why.

  • What will you do with the knowledge you will acquire in the Academy?

Make sure the subject of the email says: “Scholarship – YOUR NAME”. If we feel we need more information, we will be contacting you back to request for it.

You will have a response to your application as soon as possible. It could be between a week and a month.

Take note that…


At the end of the course you will receive a certificate of completion that states you were granted a scholarship for the course.

Just by applying, that does not mean you will be awarded a scholarshipSince we are a private endeavor, we could terminate this scholarships program at any moment, or expand it if we fill necessary.

We could be changing these criteria as long as we see the necessity for doing so.Being assigned a scholarship does not mean you will be entitled for our 30 day money back guarantee.

The scholarship grants you the possibility to enroll into one of our tracks or Workshops and is not exchangeable for the money advertised in this website.

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