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Valencia officially assumes the role of European Green Capital

Updated: Apr 5

Valencia officially assumes the role of European Green Capital, taking over from Tallinn!

We attended the ceremony where the mayor of @ajuntamentvlc , Maria José Catalá Verdet, received the 'Green Book' from Tiit Terik, the deputy mayor of Tallinn. Participants included Patrick Child, the Deputy Director-General for Environment at the @europeancommission ; Diana Morant Ripoll, the Minister of Science and Innovation; and Salomé Pradas Ten, the Regional Minister of Environment. The event included a concert and a pyromusical show.

The City Council of Valencia has detailed that, within the framework of this capital status, over 300 activities and events have been planned in the city, aiming to reach and involve all kinds of stakeholders.

One of the key sectors in the sustainable transformation of spaces, services, production, and lifestyles is design, which will play a very active role in promoting and driving Valencia's Green Capital status.

And Yes! The SDA is based in Valencia.

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