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School of Visual Communication in Ukraine receives first SDA Scholarship

Updated: Apr 5

Almost three years ago before Russia's second invasion, we conducted an online masterclass for the @svc.kyiv School of visual communication SVC in Kyiv and shared with them an early version of our framework. This established a connection, and we have been thinking on how we could provide them with the support they need. We believe that our framework's values - ethics, sustainability, social impact, and economics - could help them to overcome the challenges they are going through and create positive changes within their community and Ukraine as a whole.

So that is why we are so excited to announce that the School of Visual Communication has become the first recipient of our scholarship enabling a group of their teacher to follow the Educators Track. As part of our commitment to helping Ukraine recover from Russia's invasion, the Symbiotic Design Academy is granting scholarships to a group of educators at SVC.

We are proud to support their journey towards a brighter future.

If we as a small, independent design academy can achieve this, your institution can too.

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