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Jun 5, 2024 - Jun 26, 2024

Symbiotic Design Framework Practitioner Workshop

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3 Installments of €125


JUNE 2024 Our theory might be great, but if we don't put it into practice, is useless. We have tailored a Workshop full of practical clues and tips to make your design outcomes fully sustainable. And yes, theres is a workbook to make things easy for you. The Symbiotic Design Framework enables designers and other professional to ethically transition from isolated, linear and conventional practices into systemic, dynamic and sustainable ones. Reducing their environmental impact and achieving their social and economical goals on target. During the workshop, a full overview of the framework is presented and practical exercises are carried out based on the 8 components that make up the Framework. This is a four week long workshops meeting once a week and having to do some light readings and research during the offline time. After the workshops you will be able to gain a holistic view of any challenge that is presented to you. • 4 weeks program - 1 session a week • 2+ hours sessions • An additional one to one session (to be scheduled) • Downloadable PDF workbook (only available through the workshop) • Embrace an holistic, systemic approach for complex problems • Achieve critical thinking • Develop problem solving skills • Lifetime access * The final date and time will be agreed upon by all participants.



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