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Symbiotic Design 101

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This course is intended for a 3 week timeline, but if you desire you can swipe it in, under 2 hours. It is a theoretical sweep of the fundamentals that support the framework and some simple tools are provided for implementing the Symbiotic Design Framework SDF into your design projects. Ethics, Sustainability, Social impact and Economics are the foundations on which the framework has been constructed. Autopoiesis, Systems Theory and Symbiosis are the tools used to reconfigure the way we see and understand Design. And Design’s legacy is the cocktail mix used to brew the framework. SDF is a more ambitious artifact than the contents seen in this course, but even so, after taking Symbiotic Design 101 you will no longer be able to design and see Design as before. And we guarantee you that.



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Symbiotic Design 101

Symbiotic Design 101

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