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The Climate Book

Design is not just about creating, it is also about taking responsibility for our actions. In this book we face the consequences of bad paratics not only of design, but of our civilization as a whole. As designers we should start by educating ourselves in what concerns us, and this book is a good starting point.

Greta Thunberg's collaborative effort, "The Climate Book," serves as a compendium of insights penned by a diverse array of over a hundred esteemed thinkers and experts. Among its contributors are esteemed professionals spanning various fields, including oceanography, meteorology, economics, and geophysics. Their collective aim is to not only illuminate the pressing realities of the climate crisis but also to arm readers with the necessary knowledge to confront climate-related challenges head-on and mitigate the effects of global warming.

Within the pages of this comprehensive volume, Thunberg interweaves her personal narratives, offering firsthand accounts of activism and advocacy. Through her experiences, she unveils instances of greenwashing that have pervaded industries worldwide, spotlighting the veils of misinformation that have shrouded public understanding. Her candid revelations underscore the significance of shedding light on obscured truths, compelling readers to confront the magnitude of the environmental challenges we face.

Probably the most interesting part of the book is at the end, in the section "Hope must be earned" (perhaps the name of the section is different in English, our copy is in Spanish). There Greta gives us a series of small and big tips to face the crisis in which we find ourselves. If you are not a good reader and are depressed by data, this section alone is worth it in itself. Not to be missed for anyone who wants to be a good designer.

Together, the essays and narratives contained within "The Climate Book" serve as a beacon of awareness, rallying individuals to action and fostering a collective resolve to address the urgent issues threatening our planet's future.

You can find it in your local library and nearest book shop.

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