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IF - Social Design for Sustainable Cities

Curated by Marjatta Itkonen, Ewa Satalecka and Jan Piechota

"IF - Social Design for Sustainable Cities" is a compelling project brought to life by the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in collaboration with the European National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) Warsaw. This global multidisciplinary initiative aims to engage design students, educators, and experts in addressing the crucial challenge of creating socially and environmentally sustainable communities.

The project began its journey in late April 2019, navigating through an extensive planning process that included hundreds of emails and numerous Zoom meetings. By October 2020, the workshops had commenced, a poster exhibition had been inaugurated, and an international conference had taken place. The second series of international workshops followed in November.

Eighteen simultaneous workshops were organized in October and November, focusing on Diversity, Green Future, and Accessibility. A highlight of the event was a student poster exhibition featuring contributions from 28 educational institutions across all continents, held at the beautiful PROM Dom Kultury gallery in Warsaw. For the fourth consecutive year, the Warsaw-based EUNIC cluster joined forces with the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology to host an international conference on a socio-cultural topic. Due to the pandemic, the conference on sustainable development was conducted online on October 23rd, 2020, featuring distinguished international guest speakers.

This publication is a treasure trove of essays, workshop outcomes, international student posters, and participant details. The project owes its success to the dedication of students and staff members, to whom we extend our heartfelt thanks. This book not only showcases their hard work but also serves as an inspiration for future initiatives in sustainable design.

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