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Symbiotic Design Framework Practitioner Workshop
  • 4 weeks program - 1 session a week
  • 2+ hours sessions
  • An additional one to one session (to be scheduled)
  • Downloadable PDF workbook (only available through the workshop)
  • Embrace an holistic, systemic approach for complex problems
  • Achieve critical thinking
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Lifetime access

Green Trend Book24

Updated: May 7

In its 300 paes, in English and German, the book showcases 200 fresh and sustainable products and concepts from 60 countries.

It has brought together a large number of companies and startups that are dedicated to developing more sustainable products through processes, services and the use of innovative and circular materials. It reflects the winning projects from the Green Products Awards and the individual award categories are presented through articles from experts in each area. They address current trends and issues related to sustainability and consumption and will hopefully provide food for thought. Project concepts from recent graduates who are rethinking products and consumption are also presented.

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