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Symbiotic Design Framework Practitioner Workshop
  • 4 weeks program - 1 session a week
  • 2+ hours sessions
  • An additional one to one session (to be scheduled)
  • Downloadable PDF workbook (only available through the workshop)
  • Embrace an holistic, systemic approach for complex problems
  • Achieve critical thinking
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Lifetime access

Designer Talks Podcast

Designer Talks podcast delves deep into the motivations and personal narratives that underpin a designer's choice to embark on a career in the creative realm, while also offering insights into their methodologies, processes, and strategies. The podcast explores intangible elements such as creativity, resilience, and adaptability that define a designer's character. Additionally, it probes into the diverse educational backgrounds of designers and seeks to illuminate the profound meaning that design holds for each featured professional.

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