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Design Education Talks

Since its first episode in 2019, the Design Education Talks podcast has emerged as a vibrant platform for exchanging insights and ideas in art and design education. This initiative is the result of nearly a decade of extensive research by Lefteris Heretakis, whose diverse experience in academia, industry, and student engagement has shaped a podcast that transcends traditional educational discourse.

At its heart, the Design Education Talks podcast serves as an open forum, encouraging discussions that explore the complexities of art and design education. It unpacks the layers of creativity and examines the intricacies of design thinking in education.

The podcast is a testament to their dedication to addressing the contemporary challenges in art and design education. Each episode acts as a hub for exploration, where innovative solutions are discovered and shared. These collaborative discussions aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, academia and industry, and tradition and innovation.

One of the podcast's unique features is its value as a resource for skill-building among aspiring designers. The episodes provide an intellectual toolbox with practical insights, strategies, and real-world experiences that contribute to the holistic development of creative professionals. Additionally, the podcast offers guidance for those interested in transforming teaching and learning models in the dynamic field of design.

As we continue our journey with the Design Education Talks podcast, our goal remains steadfast: to inspire, inform, and ignite transformative dialogue that drives the evolution of art and design education. By fostering a collaborative and innovative environment, we aim to contribute to the positive growth and adaptation of educational practices, ensuring they align with the needs and aspirations of the ever-changing creative landscape.


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